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Thermohair Therapeutic Socks

Thermohair Therapeutic Socks

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A special line of mohair socks knit without a ribbed cuff - proven to be effective as everyday wear for people with circulatory problems. 70% mohair, 30% nylon. Machine wash on warm setting, hang to dry. For front load washers use a delicate cycle and wash in a mesh bag. 

Made in Canada 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mike Bennett
somewhat slippery

"first wear" experience.

i agree with other comments that they are warm and comfy comfy. First week wearing them and yet to put them through a wash dry cycle. hope i remember NOT to put them thru the dryer. If NOT wearing a non slip slippers...i feel they can be a bit slippery on laminated floors and the carpeted stair walkway. NOT super slippery...just somewhat noticable compared to other socks.

Cynthia Armstrong
toasty toes

I bought this for my 91 year old hubby who has decreased circulation to his feet, he is too tall! I liked them cause they are not tight around the top. I made a mistake in size, so they were a bit snug. They wash like everything else, but I hung to dry. He thought they were too small so when his 75 yr old sister came to visit, the sister whose feet are cold ALL the time, I gave them to her! She put them on and refused to take them off. She said they were so nice, her feet were finally warm. Instantly warm! So now I am ordering a larger size for hubby and my neighbour upstairs will get a pair for Christmas, she is cold all the time. Due to covid this is the first winter in 15 years she has to stay in Canada, so I feel she will appreciate the socks. Highly recommend these socks.

Lenore L
Finally! A great pair of socks.

I bought them for my Fibromyalgia and they are very soft, comfortable and not restrictive. I wear them all day, every day and they are very durable. I can wear them in my running shoes or my rubber boots and they are not bulky or wiggle down my foot to end up in the toe of my boots. I liked them so much that I bought my siblings a couple pairs each and now they are thrilled with them. Yes, the cost may not be what you are used to paying for a pair of socks but they will last you for at least a year. No regret purchase!

Toasty Warm

The first winter I bought a pair of these to see if they would keep my feet warm. My feet are always cold. I enjoyed my first pair so much the following year I purchased two more pairs. I wear these with a pair of Gobi sock liners underneath. The combination keeps my feet dry and very warm in my winter boots. Since I started wearing my Thermohair socks for everyday to keep my feet warm and not just for outside I will be ordering more pairs. These socks are warm, wash well, don't shrink when you follow drying instructions and are durable. They are also very soft, fuzzy and I like the no-rib cuff.