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Sheepskin Bootliners - Adult

Sheepskin Bootliners - Adult

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Made from dense shearling sheepskin with a reinforced nylon heel. Keep your feet warm and dry with wool's natural moisture absorbing properties. Provides breathable comfort. Care instructions included. Comes in two styles: Short (23 cm (9")) and Tall (33 cm (13")), measuring from bottom of heel to top of cuff.  Designed to replace felt, wool or synthetic liners.   

Adult sizes. We recommend ordering your regular shoe size. For half sizes we recommend going up to the next full size. 

When you are trying on bootliners for the first time we recommend wrapping them in clean plastic bags so there is a protective barrier between the sheepskin and the inside of your boots, as we will not accept returns on dirty or soiled liners.  Once you are sure they will fit you can remove the plastic.  Care information here.

Made in Canada by Egli's 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Impeccable et je recommande vraiment

Super bien fait et très doux! Comfortable quand il fait frais et chaud quand il fait très froid :)

Tom Watrous
The Best!

I've had my Egli's boot liners for several years.....and I've NEVER had cold feet in my snow boots.
Tough stuff.....when you're snow blowing in severely low temperatures, with a N.W. clearing wind........!

Find a good snow boot...and discard the felt/space age liner.....go with THESE.......with BARE feet.......It might seem counter-intuitive.......but there will be a smile on your face....!!

COVID has been rough on us all........Can't wait to visit Egli's again...It will be a SPECIAL trip....

Best ever boot liners!

As I was sitting on my couch brushing up these boot liners I was thinking I should write a review. When you get them and put them in your boots for the first time, they are like walking on clouds, I have never felt the like before! I'm using these in Manitoba, check the weather. They are the warmest and most dependable boot liner I have ever had, they beat factory felt boot liners hands down. They are warmer, they stay warm even if wet, and this is the part I love, they never smell like rot when they get wet. After using them in the cold they get damp, but the wool wicks sweat away from your feet and it gathers in the hide at the bottom of the liner. A few hours to dry in a warm room out of the boot and they are good to go again. I say I was brushing them tonight because after some time walking, working, ice fishing, and snowshoeing, they get a little compressed and matted. I use a slicker comb, the same one I use to brush the cat, to brush and fluff them up and they feel like new again. You will never be able to do that with felt liners. For a little extra warm and comfort I added the sheepskin insoles. I have worn these liners in two pairs of boots, the Sorels wore out before the liners and I have them in a pair of Kamiks now. I will never use another liner!

Donna Robertson
Absolutely fabulous!

I purchased these for my daughter who has CP and uses a wheelchair all day and her feet have always been frozen. I have bought sheepskin covers before as well as boots for her to wear indoors and her feet have still been frozen with heavy socks on. Just when I was losing hope I purchased these high top boot liners and like another reviewer said they are "game changers"! I put them on her and her feet have NEVER been this warm...they are actually hot!! THANK YOU Egli's you have made a huge difference in our lives!!!!! I know they are made to be boot liners which we will also be using them for but indoors they are amazing too! I just bought some dog pretty ribbon, cut 6 strips and tied them around the boot liner to keep the sheepskin around her leg and it works great and looks super cute! I hope this review will give someone else dealing with mobility issues an idea (and some hope) towards better circulation and comfort overall for their loved ones.

game changers!

The tall liners fit perfectly in my Sorel Joan-of-Arc boots (I removed the felt liner). They fit snuggly and fold over at the top. My boots are now SO WARM! I live in Chicago and have worn them for long periods of time outdoors here, in Aspen, and in Canada. Super cosy without socks for a quick dog walk and comfortable all day with wool socks. I cannot recommend these liners enough!