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Motorcycle Seat Cover

Motorcycle Seat Cover

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Soften your ride with shearling sheepskin! Our sheepskin motorcycle seat covers are designed to fit a wide variety of makes and models.  Cover is held in place with adjustable nylon straps that fit under the seat.  

 Made in Canada by Egli's  

Product Code: 100282   Single
                        100290   XL Single
                        100283   Double
                        100289   XL Double

Care Information

Occasionally brush wool side with a grooming brush to remove loose dirt and fibres.

Small, lightly soiled areas can be sponged off and dried with a towel or spot cleaned with Eucalan Woolwash.

Can be machine-washed using lukewarm water and Eucalan Woolwash or a non-enzyme liquid detergent. We recommend washing only as necessary. 

Detailed washing instructions included and can also be found here.


Sizes (Length x Width):

Single: 45 cm x 41 cm (18" x 16")
XL Single: 56 cm x 43 cm (22" x 17")
Double: 86 cm x 48 cm (34" x 19")
XL Double: 86 cm x 56 cm (34" x 22")


100% 25 mm shearling sheepskin, nylon/elastic straps.

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