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Kid's Kozys

Kid's Kozys

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Made from genuine sheepskin. Soft, sueded sheepskin offers warmth and comfort.  Shearling cuffs and split leather suede reinforces the soles.

Children's sizes, for children approximately 1 - 4 years old.

Made in Canada by Egli's 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
My sons loved these slippers!

Exceptionally well made with high quality sheep skin.

I bought a pair of these a few years back. They’ve gone though my 2 sons and my nephew. All of them loved wearing them and they kept their little feet warm and toasty on cold basement floors. I’m tempted to order more for them and add a crepe sole to the bottom so that they can wear them out to the mall or out on cooler fall/spring days.

Great investment! Fantastic product

My children have worn there since about 1 years old. They've worn them everyday and I've had to wash them many times. My son who is 4 continues to wear them everyday. They are warm and very durable. My kids are very active and the quality is amazing! Fantastic product for the cost.