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Infant Care Lambskin - Auskin

Infant Care Lambskin - Auskin


With millions in use throughout the world, infant care lambskins are a luxurious and practical choice for your baby.  Independent studies have shown that babies sleep better and are more content on an Infant Care Lambskin. The lambskin provides a natural, warm and safe environment for infants and children and is great for use in sleighs, strollers or on the floor. It can go anywhere baby goes and quickly becomes familiar and reassuring. Easy care instructions instructions included. 

We recommend using Eucalan Woolwash to wash your infant care lambskin.

Produced using the highest quality New Zealand and Australian sheepskins and tanned in China.

Approximately 60 cm x 90 cm (24" x 36")

Styles: Long Wool - wool length is approximately 6 cm (2 1/2") 
            Short Wool - wool length is approximately 3 cm (1 1/4") 

Colour: champagne

Product Code: 245707     Long Wool
Product Code: 245708     Short Wool
FAQ: What is the difference between an Auskin Infant Care and a Canadian Infant Care Lambskin?     Both are of equal quality and will provide unmatched comfort for your child. The Auskin Infant Care are very uniform in both shape and colouring. The Canadian Infant Care are slightly smaller, have more variation in shape and may have some natural colour markings.

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