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Deck Slippers

Deck Slippers

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A comfortable, ankle height sheepskin slipper with durable rubber soles. The perfect slipper to wear around the house or for quick trips onto the deck or patio. Medium width.

Adult sizes. For half sizes we recommend going up to the next full size.  

Made in Canada 

Product Code: 483-L926 Women's sizes

                        483-M926 Men's sizes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jackie Howson

I had a pair of cabin slippers that lasted years. They finally gave out and I decided to get deck slippers. I ordered a pair for me and a pair for my husband. His are fine, but my pair the stitching at the toes have let go! Very disappointing for the price!

Hello Jackie,
Sorry to hear about your slippers. We do warranty these slippers for one year. Even after the warranty period, we are able to do most repairs depending on the condition of the slippers for a small fee. You can bring them back to us or mail them and we can see if they can be repaired.

25 years of comfy toes!

As a testament to just how amazing these slippers are, my father bought a pair for me as teenager while the family was road-tripping and were drawn in by the big sheep. After a quarter century of daily wear, the rubber soles are finally breaking down and it's time to get a new pair.

Amazing shoes

This is my first order from Eglifarm and I really love my slippers!

The shoes have a solid comfy rubbery sole, all walls of the slipper inside are 100% shearling wool, the stitching is perfect, the sizing is good. I have a high instep (aka thick feet) as well as pretty large feet and this slipper is entirely able to accommodate me, it fits!
I'm really happy with them and I plan on wearing them at home and at work.

I would absolutely recommend it to my friends and family!

Both my son & husband wear these all day

My husband has 3 pairs and my son finally asked for a pair. How did I know that he wanted slippers? Both of them love being able to go outside without a thought of putting shoes on. Too bad the black aren't available for my son since they are a little more rugged. Oh well, the brown is fabulous!

Mary-Anne Pechet
Great slippers

Working from home, I wear sheepskin slippers every day, almost all day, all year round. I ordered a women's size 7 although I wear a 7.5 because I know they loosen with wear. BTW you do not wear socks with sheepskin slippers! They fit very well and seem very well made. The rubber soles allow me to pop outside and put my bins out without worry. I would like to see the next model of these slippers have the ability to turn up the cuffs to get a little more coverage in the winter. I've only had them a few days but so far I am very happy I bought them. I especially like that they are a Canadian-made product.