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Wool Pillow

Wool Pillow

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A comfortable, safe and healthy alternative to a synthetic pillow. Soft 100% wool batts filling covered with a 100% cotton cover for exceptional comfort. Medium firmness. We recommend using with a pillow protector and pillow case for easy care. For cleaning instructions click here

Standard size: 66 cm x 56 cm  (26" x 22")  - approx. 800 gms 
Queen size:     76 cm x 56 cm (30" x 22")   - approx. 900 gms

Made in Canada by Custom Woolen Mills 

Product Code: 330-PLW   
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Beautiful products! Exceptional quality. Will be using Egli's again in future!

Best Pillow ever

I never thought I would be here writing a pillow review. But if you are in the market for a new pillow, these are the ones to buy. I bought a queen sized pillow for the extra fill. My gosh, I wish I grew up having this pillow. It is undescribable how comforting and relaxing this pillow is. I frequently wake from my sleep and toss and turn. The first 3 nights of having this pillow and I have slept a full nights rest, I even drooled the first night!

Too much info. Anyways, GET THIS PILLOW! while youre at it, buy some indoor slippers too because they are so comfortable as well!

Totally worth it

These pillows are amazing. I bought the Queen size to get a little extra wool and size and I love it. I've slept far better on this pillow than any other pillow I've owned, starting to learn really quick that I haven't been sleeping well at all til I got this pillow. Sure, you can spend $40 on a memory foam one, but this one is totally worth paying a little extra for as I believe it will last much longer and is a much more natural product all around (no crazy chemicals).

Highly recommended overall.