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Wool Dusters

Wool Dusters

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A natural and efficient way to dust your home. Lambswool dusters offer exceptional dusting power for any surface you need cleaned. A network of fibres attract and hold dust until spun free. 4 styles to choose from.

Assorted colours, may not be as shown. 

A. Mini Duster - 20 cm (8") dusting pom, 40 cm (16") overall. 
B. Flex Duster - 30 cm (12") dusting pom, extendable handle to 107 cm (42") with flexible head. 
C. Hi-Rise Duster - 30 cm (12") dusting pom, extendable handle to 112 cm (44").  
D.  Big-Pro Duster - 30 cm (12") dusting pom, 69 cm (27") overall.    

Before using, spin handle of duster between palms of hands to open up the wool.  Repeat same procedure to clean the duster.   When necessary, wash in warm soapy water.  When dry, spin handle between palms of hands to retain original fullness.   We recommend using Eucalan Woolwash.

Made in Canada            

Product Code: 483-300FX      Mini Duster
Product Code: 483-312FH      Big-Pro Duster
Product Code: 483-350EX      Hi-Rise Duster
Product Code: 483-350FLEX      Flex Duster

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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic dusters

Ordered two of these made in Canada high quality dusters to replace an old feather one. Package arrived within a couple of days. Fantastic! My chandelier is sparkling again in no time with little effort on my part! They will be useful all around the house and car.

Thank you Egli!