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Crocheted Slippers - Newborn to Youth

Crocheted Slippers - Newborn to Youth

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Made from crocheted hand-dyed New Zealand wool. Sheepskin insoles for comfort and suede leather sole for durability. Laces help keep slippers secure.  Machine washable in warm water and a mild soap (we recommend Eucalan Woolwash) on a gentle cycle. Do not wash with items that have zippers or hook and loop fasteners. Air dry in the shade. Do not machine dry. Colours may vary.

Newborn, Baby, Child and Youth sizes

Made in Canada 

Product Code: 567-NB   Newborn 
                        567-B3   Baby 3 
                        567-B5   Baby 5 
                        567-B7   Baby 7 
                        567-C9   Child 9  
                        567-C11 Child 11

                        567-Y3   Youth 3 



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