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New Products For April


My husband and I each have a pair of these slippers. They are so comfortable and warm and allow your feet to breathe so you never feel cold feet again. I have bought them as gifts too, and everyone just loves them. The best slippers ever!

Roberta Linkletter 2012-01-18 5


Walked across a 5km lake wearing this hardhat liner in -50c in northern sask in feb 08, best item i had on me was that sheep skin hat liner got the drill going later that mornin glad i had my Eglis liner.

Jessy Rousseau 2012-02-22 5


I have had the black motorcycle seat cover for several years now. It is the best and has withstood the test of time. Everywhere i go people ask me where I got it. This is an exceptional value for your money. You will not find any better product and any lower price anywhere. Thanks Egli's.

Scott Sparks 2011-07-14 5

Car seat covers

Hello Egli's!

My husband and I recently drove from southern Ontario to Yukon territory. We saw the highway sign to your farm and decided to visit. We had heard about the therapeutic benefit of sheepskin and our aches and pains, from sitting for long hours, begged us to try it. We purchased 2 sheepskin seat covers and were amazed at the difference in comfort. I would recommend a full sized car seat cover to anyone who drives long distance (and for the passenger as well). It made a real difference for the rest of our trip.
I wish I knew about you and your products sooner. My ailing father, emaciated from colon cancer, spent his last painful weeks before his death in bed. I could have made his last weeks more comfortable.
I believe we left our address for you to send a catalog, but just in case, here it is again.
Thank you for your wonderful product and helpful staff who assisted us.

Isabel B. (Haines Junction, YT) 2012-05-30 5


I received my brand new slippers yesterday (my old ones are pretty worn out after 6-7 years) LOL. The new ones are perfect, of course, and I'm just writing to say thanks, and am happy to say your quality of work has not diminished at all!!!

Thanks and you'll hear from me in another 6-7 years.


Brenda M. (Edmonton, AB) 2012-05-10 5

Infant Care Lambskin

Hello. My daughter got a sheepskin for Christmas this past year. And I just wanted to let you know it's amazing. Before she got it she would wake up 4-5 times a night and refused to sleep in her crib. This went on for 14 months. She is now almost a year and a half and has been sleeping straight for 12 hours a night in her crib for the last 4 months. She also now naps for 3 hours a day. I call it magic because I don't know what else to call it. I am now recommending them to all of my friends with babies and even strangers I have in a fb group. Just wanted you to know your my sleep savior. Thanks again

Alyssa F. 2012-03-14 5

Black sheepskin seat cober

Just want to say thanks for the excellent job on the motorcycle seat cover. I had it custom made to fit my bike and I couldn't be happier with the quality or the service. It's so nice to be able to buy something in Canada and have it so well made. Thank you

Greg Nordstrom 2013-02-21 5


I suffer from severe Arthritis, restless legs among other things. I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT MY MEDICAL SHEEPSKIN BOOTIES. I have paid out as much as $30.00 dollars for SOCKS that was suppose to keep me warm...With NO SUCH LUCK I found myself going back to my sheepskin booties for warm and comfort over and over again. My feet and anckles are in severe pain all the time. The ONLY THING THAT RELIVES THE PAIN AND KEEP ME WARM ARE WHAT I CALL "MY BEST FRIENDS...MY WOOLIES". After considerable amont of years... MY original SHEEPSKIN BOOTIES have seen better days. So to CELEBRATE THE NEW YEAR 2013, I am ordering THE NEWLY DESIGNED and IMPROVED MEDICAL BOOTIES. To all fellow gals and gents who suffer from cold feet, wether it be from arthritis or nerve pain. Do yourselves a favour... GO AHEAD AND MAKE YOUR DAY...BE PAIN FREE IN MINUTES JUST BY PUTTING ON YOUR MEDICAL SHEEPSKIN BOOTIES...

TAKE THE WORD OF SOMEONE WHO LIVES WITH CHRONIC PAIN... "ME" Gaetanne Deschene of Hanmer, Ontario.

Gaetanne Deschene 2012-12-31 5


I purchased a pair of their muckluks 4 years ago and they are one of the best purchases i have EVER made!! Love them! wiht a pair of wool socks, like running around in the winter with slippers on!! Well worth the price and purchasing a pair for my 16yr old daughter this year as she keeps wanting to snitch mine!! NOT happening!! lol

vicky ojibway baits 2013-09-10 5

Excellent Service

I want to thank you again for the excellent service we received both in the store and when we contacted you about the slippers. It was a very pleasant surprise to see the quick answers to our questions and the fast turn around on our return/exchange. I have NO hesitation recommending you to friends, family and co-workers. Will stop in next time we are going through.
Mitch and Christine

Mitch Anderson 2013-11-06 5