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Rams grazing on some of summer's last green grass.A young belted Galloway calf bravely explores without his mother close byA duck and a goose looking for snacks in the grass.The colourful tail feathers peacocks are known for fall out every fall and are regrown in the summer.Yaks are often raised for the milk, meat, wool and, in some countries, for racing. A baby alpaca born May 17, 2016.  He's one week old in this photo. At least somebody enjoys the dandelions. A freshly sheared alpaca poses for the camera.Aerial view of Egli's Sheep Farm and Animal ParkSheep being moved to a new field for grazing.Elk roaming in the early morning mist.A donkey and her foal.Alpacas enjoying the summer sunshine. Belted Galloway cows can survive harsh winters because of their thick coats of hair. A llama and her baby survey their field. A mother goat keeping a watchful eye on her kid.Elk bulls sporting full sets of antlersA Belted Galloway cow and her calfA curious Boer goat checks out the photographer.