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4 Square Pad

4 Square Pad

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This multi-use shearling pad can make a cozy bed for your favourite pet, provide extra cushion for a chair or soften up an ATV seat. Made from genuine shearling sheepskin pieces sewn together. Washing instructions included, see care guide here.

Size: 40 cm x 40 cm (16" x 16")

Made in Canada by Egli's  

Product Code: 100132

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cozy for people and pets!

I bought one for my elderly (often chilly) cat, and one for my car. I don't have heated seats, and my car, like my cat, is "elderly". This mat fits my seat perfectly and is instantly nice and warm, even in cold Ontario winters!

I really love the quality of Egli's products, and will purchase here again.

Perfect for my office chair

I was in the market for a support cushion for my office chair. I've been sitting in this for an hour and it does wonders. I see no reason to buy the junky memory foam or gel filled seat cushions that litter the market when you can buy a nice wool one like this, that is MADE in Canada. The quality is fantastic.

Another problem with all the memory foam cushions is they go flat and lose support really fast, they're designed to be thrown away in a short time. This thing I can tell will hold its shape and it reduces heat build up as I sit really well. Highly recommended, you can't beat the price either.

Kim S.

This was exactly what I needed for sitting in my gliding chair while caring for my baby. This has been used for countless hours, still looks great and hasn't flattened out at all!


These are great to use while sitting in a boat , to watching your kids or grandkids sports all year round, to sitting in a tree stand hunting and keeping your bottom warm. I recommend it to any one who likes to sit in comfort.