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Motorcycle Seat Cover

Motorcycle Seat Cover

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Soften your ride with shearling sheepskin! Our sheepskin motorcycle seat covers are designed to fit a wide variety of makes and models.  Cover is held in place with adjustable fabric straps that fit under the seat.  25 mm (1") wool length. Washing instructions included and available online here.

Sizes (Approximate Length x Width): 

            Single:        45 cm x 41 cm (18" x 16")
            XL Single:   56 cm x 43 cm (22" x 17")
            Double:      86 cm x 48 cm (34" x 19")
            XL Double: 86 cm x 56 cm (34" x 22")

Made in Canada by Egli's  

 Product Code: 100282   Single
Product Code: 100290   XL Single
Product Code: 100283   Double
Product Code: 100289   XL Double

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