Frequently Asked Questions

Is Egli's Sheep Farm a family owned and operated business?

     In 1952, Robert and Magarit Egli emigrated from Switzerland to an old homestead in rugged Northwestern Ontario. The farm produced lamb meat, wool and sheepskin and a small retail business began. Over 50 years later, Egli's Sheep Farm employs four full-time sewers who manufacture sheepskin products right at the farm, while maintaining a working family farm. In 1998, Robert and Magarit "retired" and Peter and Denise Egli took over the business and the farm has now been expanded into an Animal Park which includes a variety of common and exotic farm animals. The retail shop has become one of Canada's largest shops specializing in wool and sheepskin products.

Do all Egli's sheepskin and wool products come from your own sheep?

     In the beginning, this working family farm produced lamb meat, wool and sheepskin. As the business grew, and production and sales increased, wool and sheepskin was brought in to meet the growing demand. Sheepskins that are sold in the store and those used for manufacturing are now purchased from tanneries in Canada and the USA, as well as New Zealand and Australia.

Does Egli's Sheep Farm wholesale its products?

     We do not wholesale our manufactured sheepskin products. Egli's Sheep Farm sheepskin products are available only through our store in Minntaki, Ontario, either in person, by mail-order, telephone or on our web site. It is the best way for us to guarantee and control the quality of goods and service to our customers.

What is your policy for returns or refunds?

     Egli's Sheep Farm guarantee 100% satisfaction. If you are not happy with your product or if there is a problem, we want to know about it. Returns will be accepted up to 90 days from date of purchase. If returning by mail, call toll-free 1-800-465-2966 for authorization. Please see our refund policy for more information.

Do you accept credit cards?

     Using a credit card is the easiest way to make a purchase from our online store. We accept Visa or MasterCard. We will also accept a certified cheque or money order for telephone or mail-orders. Sorry, but we cannot accept C.O.D. orders.
     A special note to our USA customers: all prices on the web site are in Canadian dollars. The current exchange rate will be used to calculate the US dollar amount that will be shown on your next credit card statement.

What is the difference between sheepskin, shearling and "fleece-lined"?

     Both sheepskin and shearling are tanned hides from the sheep. Shearling refers to a sheepskin that has been clipped resulting in shorter wool lengths. Shearling is often used for manufacturing purposes. The term "fleece-lined" is often used to describe a synthetic fibre knit to make it look like sheepskin. These do not have the same qualities and properties of real sheepskin.

How do I clean and take care of my sheepskin rug?

     With proper care, your sheepskin rug will provide you with many years of enjoyment. Please see Care Tips for specific instructions on caring for your sheepskin rug.